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On April 19th, 2017 Jermaine Kearse announces the new partnership with the USO Northwest and his foundation, 15 to 1.

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15 to 1 supports and inspires youth in military families to work hard, persevere and believe in order to overcome adversity and find success through positive choices, experiences and opportunity.

15 to 1 champions the success of youth in military families by engaging them in experiences and opportunities that serve to ignite their passions and enhance their development. We reinforce the value of self and community. Our programming is made possible through the support of everyone who believes we are stronger together.

15 to 1 focuses on raising funds and awareness to support experiences and opportunities for youth in military families.

Three key categories of focus:

Educational Programs and Travel –for military and gold star kids that provides educational and meaningful relevance of the United States.

Outdoor and Sports activities – camps and outings getting military and gold star kids physically active and exploring the outdoors.

Mentorships and job shadowing - supporting a network for military and gold star kids which bridges the gap between military and civilian communities.

Thank you for your support!

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