Veterans Corner: USO Northwest helping troops in SeaTac Airport

On July 21, I went to the SeaTac USO Center with Jerry Rettela, Commander of the Korean War Veterans group. He has been going there monthly for 10 years, taking hot dogs and buns in a red suitcase. The manager, Matt Sult, and executive director Don Leingang were so welcoming and spent a lot of time explaining what they do for the troops and their families as they pass through the airport.

Active duty orders say, “Report to the USO.” There is an app to check-in at the front desk. Once in the facility, there is a luggage room where suitcases can be stored, so if it is a long layover, they can catch the light rail and go downtown sightseeing. There are several rows of big, comfy lounge chairs so they can take a nap and relax.

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