Clary Boys ask for Donations to Military in Lieu of Birthday Presents

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Clary boys left to right: Craig, Rowan, Connor, and Sean

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USO/ Military Themed Birthday

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USO/ Military Themed Birthday

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Donations received in lieu of presents that went to the military

The Clary family has always admired our military. When planning their birthdays this year, the four boys decided to ask for donations to support service members rather than gifts for themselves

When they asked their uncle (stationed in Korea) who to give the donations to their uncle responded immediately with “The USO! They are always helping us”.

The boys held a USO themed birthday party and were able to get a wagon load of snacks and food for service members that use our Camp Lewis Center on JBLM.

Thank you to the Clary Family for proving there is no age requirement for patriotism and generosity!

If you are a big kid (adult) and would like to provide donations for service members as well, please contact our Camp Lewis Center Manager @

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