USO Northwest Annual Holiday Gift Wrapping

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Each year hundreds of thousands of people pass through Sea-Tac International Airport on their way to see loved ones during the holidays and folks are already stressed enough without the thought of having to get a wrapped gift through security.

That is why each year, USO Northwest’s volunteers and the airport provide a complimentary gift-wrapping station inside the concourse for departing passengers after they go through the TSA security checkpoint.

Gift wrapping isn’t just for folks departing Sea-Tac Airport but also for those coming home for the holidays and for those lucky passenger’s purchasing something duty free at the airport. Travelers can get their gifts wrapped before they leave the airport and are picked up by family and loved ones – thus avoiding the dreaded “sneak peak” of holiday gifts!

In addition to the airport, USO Northwest also provided gift wrapping at the Lewis Main Exchange (Retail Store) on JBLM. As you can imagine, being in a military family is stressful enough, so setting up a gift wrapping station allows USO Volunteers to relieve a bit of that stress by checking off one thing from their long holiday to do list.

All donations received through the gift wrapping program benefit the USO Northwest and the military service members and their families we serve.

Click here if you would like to make a donation as well.


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