USO Volunteer of the Quarter: A Tradition of Service

USO Volunteer Marty Ream was selected as the USO Sea-Tac Volunteer of the Quarter for Q4 of 2019.

In addition to volunteering at the Sea-Tac USO Center, Marty also helps with the weekly pick-up and delivery of donated Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips to both the Shali and Sea-Tac USO Centers. He frequently arrives two hours early at the Sea-Tac Center for his regular 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon shift - yes, that’s 4:00 AM!

I decided to travel to the Sea-Tac Center to sit down and talk with Marty. I’m always interested in what draws people to volunteer for the USO. He said that military families have a difficult time uprooting and moving their lives as they change duty stations and quite often, spouses have to move the household while their partner is deployed.

“I believe the USO is an oasis for these families, especially those at the USO Sea-Tac Center. Also, my son is still on active-duty in the Army. I felt like I wanted to give back to those that are making such sacrifices”

Marty speaks from experience as he is an Army Veteran from the Vietnam era. His son continues to carry on the family tradition of military service, first as a Calvary Scout and then as a Drill Sergeant training the next generation of Soldiers. He recently was tasked with molding college students into Officers through the ROTC Program at the University of Texas.

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